It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.Leonardo da Vinci
“Lynn’s coaching supported me in establishing myself at a new job in a new city. Through her insight and the structures she worked with me in creating, I was able to lay the groundwork for a successful professional start. I recommend Echos of Presence coaching to anyone committed to achieving results in their career while staying true to their purpose and vision.”

Colleen O’Holleran.


“Life is full of opportunities. The intersecting of my journey and Lynn Underhill’s coaching has been a profound experience. When I met Lynn through the introduction of a mutual friend, I was facing a dramatic professional transition as well as seeking freedom from a pattern of blame in some familial relationships. Her questions, knowledgeable input and assignments provided the opportunity for me to become more present to my own value, service and being and to see the same in others. As a result, the energy I once used on thoughts and actions that drain and deplete have shifted to those that deepen and delight. This has had the further result of measurable success professionally and clearer connections with family. I will treasure and review repeatedly the notes from my coaching with Lynn – truly a life-encouraging encounter. Consequently, I give her my highest recommendation.”

Dan Wohlenhaus, General Sales Manager (Overland Park, KS), Mutual of Omaha.


” I am so thankful for the path I stepped onto when I began coaching with Lynn Underhill. I had just been through a painfully humiliating demotion and loss of income. I was grieving and bitterly angry and indignant. Lynn helped me dig into the emotions and experiences I was having. There was one thread of truth in particular that led to the unraveling of a very unhealthy and self-defeating mindset I had been living in, probably all of my adult life. The work we did together put me on a new path spiritually, emotionally, and professionally and I could not be more excited at how my life is now unfolding. I have joy and hope and confidence again where once there was a desire to lash out at others or end my own life. Things I never dreamed of being and doing are becoming reality in my world. I’m still uncovering truth from our sessions, doing work in my own mind and heart to keep going forward. ”

Jana Lundh, Executive Director Lemongrass Spa Products.


“Lynn is by far the most dedicated life coach I’ve ever seen. Her listening skills and intuitive abilities are amazing. I was at a transition time in my career and wasn’t quite sure about which direction to turn to. She was able to listen through my words and could perfectly pinpoint what I was going through. She helped me define my path and I now have a clear vision of where I am headed to. Success is at my doorstep, thanks to her unshakeable commitment in helping others and her strong sense of organization.”

Lina Rabemananjara


” “To thine own self be true.”  A quote from Shakespeare that quintessentially speaks to where Lynn is instrumental in my life …on my quest to challenge myself…and to trust that inner voice without reservation.  I’ve known Lynn a long time now, and she is, beyond question among the brightest, and most authentic people on the planet.  While the work she suggests of me to go deeper within isn’t always easy,  her gift for listening is unsurpassed, and her intuitive abilities are genuinely on target, which, while I am evolving, is guiding…supporting my success both in my personal life and professionally.   Lynn’s integrity and perseverance speaks for itself, in her unwavering determination to serve others.  I highly recommend Lynn Underhill’s skills as a life coach.”

Elizabeth Mark, Co-owner of  The Plant Escape, San Francisco

Lynn certainly knows her stuff!Matthew U.