To Be or not to Be, that is the question.William Shakespeare

Lynn Underhill

Echoes of Presence Coaching 2013 – Present
Earthling Enterprises “Exploring the Nature of Reality” 1999 – Present
International Business Machines 2001 – 2013
Loral Federal Systems 1995 – 1997
IBM Federal Systems Division 1985 – 1995

BS: University of Texas – Philosophy, History, and Government
MS: University of Arizona – Systems and Industrial Engineering

Landmark Education – Curriculum for Living, Wisdom Course, Seminar Leader, Self Expression and Leadership Program Leader
Robbins-Madanes Training – Total Breakthrough; Absorbing – Core 100, Working with Women
Sue Frederick – Career Intuitive Coaching

Supercoach Academy – Coaching from the Inside-Out, Living From the Inside Out, Creating the Impossible 2.0,





I have founded two companies. Earthling Enterprises – Exploring the Nature of Reality from which I sell Soul-Gardens and Echoes of Presence Coaching and Consulting – Mind Body Spirit Integration

For as long as I can remember I have referred to my self as an Earthling. I can’t remember anyone having told me I was an Earthling, but perhaps my grandfather did. I was 7 when I first remember him visiting us, with his 3rd wife Kukla, and their new baby daughter.   He spent hours playing checkers and chess with my sister, and telling me stories of early philosophers. One man and story stuck with me. Socrates and the “Allegory of the Cave” (I know Plato wrote it, but Socrates stuck with me)

“Kukla”, introduced me to Greek gods and goddesses. As we walked through the acres surrounding our old farm house, she showed me Zeus sitting on top of a cloud, getting ready to hurl lightning and shout lovingly at us with the power of his thunder. When we saw rainbows she would talk to me of Iris, and we would listen for messages from the Olympian gods. As the moon rose she would talk of Selene’s crown and we would look for the winged horse on which she rode.

I still traveled then, seeing “visions” whenever I closed my eyes, and I fell through tunnels every morning when waking up. I pestered my parents with stories of reincarnation and invisible friends, to be told “Oh Lynnie, you have such an imagination, life needs you to be practical.”

That summer, for the first time in a long time, all of life vibrated again with spirit and magic and I realized that someone else knew there was more to life then most adults seemed aware of. More to be known and seen, more to be felt, more to be tasted. It was when I began to earnestly question why this might be the case? I was triggered to the search for “truth” about reality and why people perceived or believed what they did . This question has called to my “Thinker” self forever.

I have been in the cave way more often than not.

I ‘ve spent years being practical. A single mom of 3, working at IBM. I developed and taught principles and practices for Systems Engineers, I designed “How to” educational programs, on a myriad of “hard and soft” technologies, I facilitated groups to generate collaboration and consensus, I managed programs and teams, I uncovered and designed process architectures, I transitioned them to clients and I transformed troubled accounts. I loved most every minute of it. From the vantage point of an Earthling, being a part of building the information infrastructure that allows peoples from all over the globe to share themselves and collaborate in building dreams is an amazing privilege.

I spent years leading conversations for Transformation at Landmark Education. Time and again I’d glimpse the possibility of BEING and  exit my cave. I led programs in which people realized new possibilities for their lives, communities and businesses and developed the courage to take actions to realize results. I coached participants and coaches. I coached leaders.  From the vantage point of an Earthling, being a part of presencing possibility and generating the ability to respond in action, alone and in collaboration with community is an honor like few others.

I was unreasonable I was unstoppable and through no fault of either great organization, after releasing from both, I realized the ease with which I got pulled into the “doing” of life, into the “pleasing of others” both resisting and molding myself to others view of who I should be and how I should accomplish results. I was astounded.

Fortunately the “Echoes of Presence” never cease calling. It is a call from SPIRIT. A call for “BEING”. I began to realize, when I stop, slow down, listen and allow, I am present to life vibrating with spirit and magic. I am able to allow myself to be. More importantly I am able to allow myself to Leap. This is my gift.

As a coach and consultant this ever expanding awareness of BEING allows me to serve you. I am able to allow you to be – perfect as you are. I am able see you from many vantage points. I listen, I question, and I sow seeds. I nurture growth and I witness as you become increasingly aware of the vibrancy and magic of the infinite being that you are. Then with immense love I hold you to account TO BE all that you are.

From the vantage point of an Earthling all life celebrates the gift of being alive.